A Note from the Hedgcorth Family

Pictured left to right, Samantha, Tabatha, Chris and Debra.

Pictured left to right, Samantha, Tabatha, Chris and Debra.

We're the Hedgcorth Family - Chris, Debra, Tabatha and Samantha. After surrendering our lives to Christ and receiving forgiveness for our sins, God dealt with those things that were destructive to us and our family. Tabby is 25 now, Sam is 19 and headed into her second year of college, and Chris and I have been married, by God's great grace for 28 years.

As told in my book Mind Over Methour life was a far cry from the beautiful life we live today. And as you read the book, you will understand that the addiction wasn't the issue, it was the pain beneath the addiction that drove us to self medicate.  We are completely free from ALL addictions now for (Deb)18, and (Chris)17 years.

We served for 10 years in the "Living Free" ministry at our local church. And, we love seeing others with stories similar to our past, find hope and forgiveness through Christ. 

For many years, Chris and I earnestly prayed about a dream God had given us to open a transitional, recovery home for families who desperately needed to find restoration in Christ. Addictions affect more than just the addict and our desire is to minister to the whole family.

In 2014, we welcomed our first family into the home. Through the year, this family was able to regain custody of their children, who had been placed in foster care for 3 years to that point, and walk through the steps of recovery, find true focus on Jesus, and re-establish themselves as productive members of society. It was an incredible first year of miracles. Since then, we have ministered to two more families and are on our fourth family now.  We are believing God for great miracles as they learn to put Him first!  Make sure you follow us on Facebook for updates!

Also, would you join with us as we pray for OUR family while we minister, and believe that God will use us to be a tangible representation of His love for them? 

Running with perseverance,


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