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Welcome to Finding the Family Website. We are a ministry that mentors the whole family, and teaches the fundamentals of what a solid family looks like from scripture.

We are dedicated to teaching—those who are willing and ready for change—to start working toward attainable goals to build a better future for themselves and their family. We simply require a teachable spirit as we teach new concepts for a life of freedom.

Located on beautiful land in Rogersville, Missouri, we refer to the land as the Creek's Edge. Our program is set up for a minimal commitment of 6 months and up to a year or longer depending on the growth and need of the family. Each family will reside in a fully-furnished, 3 bedroom home. Our families will be given a "clean slate" and a firm foundation to build their new life upon.

In addition to their physical needs, they will begin learning to take care of their spiritual needs. Each family will attend parenting and marriage classes, attend Living Free, as well as regularly attending church on Sundays and Wednesdays. For Single parents, the marriage classes will be substituted with curriculum suited to the needs of that person concerning communication skills needed for ANY relationship, and especially a future marriage relationship.

While they attend church, they will develop new relationships with others in the body of Christ. They will be required to find a "Life Group" and begin practicing right relationships. When there is some strength gained, they will start serving in the church. This creates a solid concept of "giving" instead of "taking".

On the path of restoring their lives, they will also learn practical tools to live healthy, fruitful lives. They will be required to obtain a job, learn to budget, pay back delinquent debts as well as paying a participation fee for their care.

At the Finding the Family land at the Creek's Edge, they will have daily chores, learn to complete tasks, and set goals for their future. We will teach them how to properly care for their home as they clean and maintain their home. Chores around the Creek's Edge will include, feeding the farm animals, yard work, and cutting, stacking, and hauling wood. Other projects may even include construction and landscaping, etc.

Each family will be mentored on a one-on-one, side-by-side, daily basis as they work through issues that surface. We will expect disruption and growth through this process. Professional counseling will be pursued and available when necessary.

At the end of a year, Finding the Family will walk through the process of helping each couple and their children find a home to rent off-site and help them transition into a new life of freedom.

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